A new week is upon us. It’s already here depending on how you think about Sundays. For me, Mondays are the start of the week but weekly calendars HAVE to start on Sundays. I think it’s QuickBooks that has it start on Mondays and it drives me bananas.

Speaking of calendars, I was over at my friend’s house today. He loves Corgis so I had given him a Corgi calendar I had gotten in Japan back at the end of 2015. Today I noticed his calendar sitting on December 2016. The last page of his Japanese Corgi calendar. I feel his pain. For the past two years I’ve had a Japanese Shiba Inu calendar. This year I wasn’t able to get my hands on one.

Even though I won’t be going to Japan this week (yes, I’m starting to come to terms with that) I’m still going to attempt to get one. I’m *trying* to make some friends with expats living over there, along with other parts of the world. Hopefully I can talk one into buying it for me and shipping it over. Yes, it’s that important to me.

Last week while doing research for our potential Europe trip I reached out to an expat in Barcelona (Hi, Krendi!). She provided me with a ton of info, insight and recommendations. And a travel blogger, Dave, who I recently started following because of his adventures in Vietnam published a post today about a trip he took to Barcelona. Crazy, huh?

This week, whether it has already started or starts tomorrow, should have things start to calm down for me. I just gotta get through a few hectic days of freelance work, podcast recordings and some Skype calls and I can start tackling Europe prep and some around-the-house projects that have been eluding me.

– Josh