I’ve fallen off the wagon. After gloating about doing a handful of days of Vietnamese practice in a row the weekend got the better of me and now it’s been almost four days since I’ve taken a lesson. I’m determined to not let the stop me though.

The gameplan is to take the review of the last lesson I completed on Mango. Then jump right back in. And keep at it as often as I can.

Recently I’ve been looking at my calendar and thinking, “how the heck did I get so busy?!” I know I have a lot of commitments. Running a freelance business, hosting a podcast, having a side business and trying to keep a short daily blog takes a large chunk of time. I was talking to a friend at one of my gigs today lamenting how I can never finish a show. He keeps hounding me for my thoughts on The OA which I started a month ago and I’m on episode four now. I guess that’s a good thing.

With all the aforementioned things going on it’s difficult to think, “oh I can learn a language on top of that and also maybe start running a bit more and [keep inserting things you want to do here].” But I still want to try. Maybe deep down I enjoy that challenge. I enjoy seeing how much I can juggle.

Something has to give at times though. Recently it’s been EVF. For over a month now I’ve ceased all work on it. I had to hit pause in order to catch up in other places. Now that it’s time to start ramping back up with it I’m left wondering if I can squeeze it in or if it’s time to his pause on something else. Hmm. Guess we’ll see.

– Josh

PS: It most definitely will not be this site so don’t worry. 🙂