Okay, big yawn and let’s go. T-minus 15 minutes until showtime. I have a guest coming on podcast. The guest, Rhonda, is a returning guest and I love having her on the show. I’ll be flying solo without my co-host Nick but Rhonda always does a great job so I’m not worried. I’m just worried I’ll pass out mid-recording.

Oh shoot. I need to remember to record too! Nick is usually the one to record.

The IPA and margarita I had at dinner (it was a long day) should help the words flow. Or it’s going to be too late after dinner that it’ll put me to sleep. Zzz…

Okay. Okay. I got this. I have a solid guest. I have a solid outline of discussion points for our topic. I have an amazing audience. I just gotta remember to hit record and have a good time.

Sorry for keeping this so short tonight. Here’s to at least showing up, aye?

– Josh