Aww that’s more like it. Back to “Private Ramblings” after a five-day experiment. What’d you think about my series on Getting Better Sleep? Want more of these?

So when I decided to start on it I really had no idea how it’d turn out or what I’d use it for. I’m really happy I stuck through with it because I *think* that Nick and I are going to turn it into an eBook or an email series on our podcast’s website. I just need to tweak parts of it to focus it towards video editors/creative professionals and leave it up to Nick to create the eBook or the email series and it should be good to ship!

Speaking of shipping, I’ve kinda had a rough past few days (realistically few months but it all kinda boiled over this week). I got upset at myself for the same problem I’ve been yelling at myself here on this site numerous times… not creating a gosh darn product!

Well last night I got fed up and wanted to put something out there. My wife went to bed early so I cracked a Blue Point Hoptical Illusion (thanks for the 6er, Brad!) and went to work.

Last year I started creating a quiz for EVF. I found some plugin, created a bunch of questions and formatted it. I just never got around to writing some of the content to actually pitch someone to take it and what to do afterwards. So I opened it up, deleted a couple questions and added a few more then tackled the words for before and after the quiz.

By 10:00PM I was done with the content. All that was left was to make it look good and make sure it functions. Yes, if you read the series this past week I stayed up wayyyy later than I should have but I knew I could sleep in the next day so I took advantage of my determination last night to get stuff done.

I spent the next TWO AND A HALF HOURS tweaking little things. I had to download some plugin to add custom CSS to individual pages/posts then figure out how to actually use CSS to do what I wanted it to do. At one point I think I actually almost broke my site because I was messing with it’s main CSS which you really, really shouldn’t do especially if you have zero idea what you’re doing.

There’s only one thing I couldn’t get done which was to change the stupid color on the buttons because the text is difficult to read. Anyway, it wasn’t worth spending anymore time on that night so I called it quits and turned in. Tomorrow night I’m going to get ready to officially announce it and promote it to my readers.

The “call-to-action” at the end of the quiz is to donate a cup of coffee or a beer to me. I highly doubt more than a handful of people will but even if one person does I’ll be ecstatic. As long as I can help people the money will eventually follow and I really think this quiz will do that.

If you’re interested in seeing it you can find it here.

Have you ever gotten in one of those moods where you just want to get this one thing done and won’t stop until it is? When was it and what did you make?

– Josh