Work. Write. Call about more work. Break. Write (this is where I currently am). Call about podcast sponsorship. Work. Eat. Chill. Read. Pass out. That’s my day in a line and a half of a Google Doc.

I was reading a Medium post a few weeks ago. One of those #motivationporn ones like “The 8 Mindset Shifts to Conquering Your Goals.” IDK why I clicked on it. Maybe it was the catchy Unsplash image they used that everyone uses, me included, because they’re free and fun. Anyway. Something has stuck with me since reading that post. (hmm…have I mentioned this before? I’m not sure)

The writer was saying that for every day for the past X amount of time he’s kept a Moleskine and each morning he writers the date out — Wednesday March 29th, 2017. Each line he writes the next day. He even said that his Moleskine looked like something an insane person would have. He did this and told himself, “This is the only Wednesday March 29th, 2017 of my life.” One of those Carpe Diem exercises.

Weird? Heck yes. Morbid? At some level. Does it work? Probably. I haven’t quite taken up the habit. My Moleskines generally sit in a pile on my desk waiting (and waiting) for me to take pencil or pen to them to write anything. I do think about this exercise often though. Whenever I’m sitting at my desk and find myself feeling “bored” I say, “This is the only [insert date] of my life.” OR, even better, I say, “This is the only [insert date] ever.”

This is the only Wednesday March 29th, 2017 of my life and your life and ever. There won’t be another one again. I hope you make the most of it.

– Josh