Where did the weekend go? I blink my eyes and it’s 9:54pm on Sunday night. Wow.

This morning I accomplished something spectacular: I took on a home remodeling project, didn’t swear one time while I completed it and never had to FaceTime my dad for help.

We have a storage closet in the hallway when you walk inside from the garage. For the past 5 years of living here it’s been the place where stuff goes to die. We’ve cleaned it out a dozen times but every few months it just re-accumulates it’s messiness. So we decided we need to call in reinforcements…The Container Store.

We bought an Elfa storage system. These things aren’t cheap so I decided it would be better to install it myself instead of dropping another $180.

My confidence was shot 30 seconds into the project. Our designer at The Container Store put in the wrong ceiling height and didn’t ask about the baseboard that rules along the bottom of the closet. But cooler heads prevailed. I took a step back. Installed what I could install on the wall with the correct ceiling height. Then tackled the one with the incorrect height and I made it work. Half an inch more woulda made it impossible to put it together. Somehow it all worked out and I kept my cool and it looks fabulous. My wife is happy. The closet is now extremely organized.

Alright. It’s late. Still a handful more end-of-week tasks to do before passing out.

– Josh