Staring at this blank Google Doc not knowing what to write about today. Ideas are flowing. I start a sentence in my head, then stop, then repeat that process over again.

I’ve been dog sitting my friends’ pup for the past week+. My dog is loving it. Today’s their last day together. I’m not sure who’s going to be sadder tomorrow. It’s been fun having two dogs. They are finally starting to get good at going on walks together. It only took 25 times of doing them…

Peyton is almost six. She’s almost at the age where we can get another dog. I don’t want them too close in age to, well, hopefully not lose two dogs so close together. I don’t think my emotions could take it.

I’m okay with getting another one but on two conditions. Condition #1: Puppy. I want a puppy. Yes, I know they’re a pain and they pee in the house and eat shoes. But my memories of Peyton as a puppy I love and want those with our second pup.

Condition #2: Not until Spring! Have you ever walked a puppy all winter long? I did with Peyt! It was awful. Snow was taller than her (well, it still is a lot of the time still). She didn’t know what to do yet. I froze every morning.

I still freeze every morning during the winter walking her but she’s much better than when she was young. Never, ever again will I get a puppy in January. Learn from me! Trust me! Just wait until like March and you’ll thank me.

Now the trick is holding off my wife from falling in love with a rescue puppy from one of the local shelters…

Time for your thoughts on dogs! How many do you have? Breed? If you could have another one, would you?

– Josh