I want to start doing something new with some or most of these writings.

Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned how I want to be focusing on a handful of lofty goals that will take me some time to accomplish. I’d like to use this website as a place for me to reflect on my progress with them. This is in the hopes of giving me an outlet to share my successes and struggles and document my journey with them.

I’d love to start with one goal and focus 100% on it. However as someone who loves to juggle many spinning plates I want to start with two goals.

The first goal is my goal of learning Vietnamese. I’ve failed yet again to create a habit of practicing it.

The second goal is to build EVF into a sustainable passive income business that can supplement a percentage of my monthly income. The goal and steps for this one, along with learning Vietnamese, need to be flushed out much, much more. However having these two goals in the forefront of my mind as often as I can can only lead to good things. Right?

Alright well tomorrow (probably) will be me documenting my work towards one or both of these goals.

That’s all I have for today.

– Josh