Yesterday I wrote about how I want to start doing something new with some of these writings. I want to focus them on my progress on two goals — learning Vietnamese and turning EVF into a sustainable passive income business.

After failing yet again with learning Vietnamese my hope is that this daily reminder will help me keep practicing and learning. Today, it worked!

I opened up my Mango Languages app. I had previously completed all 3 lessons and the review of chapter 1 and the first lesson in chapter 2. However it’s been a couple weeks so I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the next lesson AND I wasn’t quite feeling like starting over. I opened up the review of chapter 1 and took the 38-slide lesson.

I felt the rust right away. Once the wheels started rolling through it all started coming back to me. There were a few words I had completely forgotten — hot, cold, so-so — but that’s okay. The lesson tells you the answer and has you practice it so I was comfortable by the end.

The next time I jump back into Mango (tomorrow?) I’ll re-take chapter 2’s first lesson. And hopefully I can keep this thing right on rollin’.

– Josh