Alright! I’m 2-for-2 the last two days with practicing Vietnamese. Yesterday I reviewed chapter 1 and today I took lesson 1 of chapter 2. Mango actually calls this Unit 1 Chapter 2 Lesson 4. Sure, okay we’ll go with that.

This lesson I learned how to ask and tell if someone speaks Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) or English (tiếng Anh). I took this lesson weeks ago however I’ve forgotten everything I learned. Despite my lack of memory, I breezed through this lesson. I learned some new words like “well” = “giỏi” (pronounced: ya-oye, but as one syllable).

The lesson felt good. I was interrupted about halfway through, right when I was getting in the zone, but was able to come back and focus in on the last half without any resistance. I told Ph about what I learned and I actually was pronouncing things correctly. Pronunciation is something I know will be difficult for me.

Okay. Got this one done. Let’s keep grinding away at this tomorrow.

– Josh