During my lunch break when I’m in the office I generally watch a video or two from a handful of vloggers while I chomp down on last night’s leftovers. Most of the channels I watch are travel related — Miss Mina Oh, Abroad in Japan, Pho Your Eyes Only, Way Away, etc. Today I watching something different.

Several months ago I stumbled across a channel touting they teach Southern Vietnamese. This is very important because I literally can’t find the Southern dialect anywhere. And for the guy who can’t speak Vietnamese yet it’s quite difficult knowing if I’m getting instruction in Northern or Southern. Mango, from what I can tell, is in Northern BUT they talk about how Southerners say the same words. Today I gave this channel — Learn Vietnamese with SVFF — a shot.

I started from the beginning on their first video. Three things caught my eye right away: 1) The production quality could be much better 2) It’s quite unique and 3) They’re trying (it feels like they have passion and/or work ethic…I dig this).

As a video professional I will always critique quality. I can’t help it. I can’t turn it off. However I can get over it if the content is good. These guys, in terms of the competition, are fantastic. They were creative, educational and entertaining. I can’t ask for anymore!

It reminded me of Miss Mina Oh’s original channel — Sweet and Tasty TV — where I tried to pick up some Korean before my trip two years ago. Except it lacked her production quality which is darn near second to none.

These guys offer premium tutoring sessions over Skype. Tutoring is something I’m considering if I continue to keep learning. I want and think I can get most of the basics down with what’s currently out there. I’m going to keep watching more from these guys. Will keep you up-to-date…

– Josh