OmniFocus is out of control RN. I’ve been slacking on my weekly reviews, logging everything I need to get done and checking it constantly. I know why too.

There’s too much in there. There’s too much “to do” and it’s overwhelming. So why even look at it? I feel like I work all day and all night. Why am I just going to add more stress to my day by looking at this list of all the things I haven’t gotten done?

That’s not what OmniFocus is supposed to be though. It’s not supposed to be a super to-do list. I’ve gotten way off the Getting Things Done path. I think it’s time to re-calibrate and to look at all these tasks and projects on here that are constantly getting deferred and asking why.

The podcast series on GTD on Back to Work was what really got me to take the dive into OmniFocus and the GTD mindset. I remember in one of the episodes they were talking about looking at those tasks that never get done and asking why. It’s usually because you haven’t defined either what you need to do or what you want the end result to look like. When you aren’t paying attention with OmniFocus it’s very easy to find yourself off the path like I am right now.

Hopefully I will find my way back on it soon.

– Josh