Oh man. Here I am at 2:25 in the afternoon mentally whining about things. I started scrolling through a website full of BA quotes and long story short realized, what the hell am I whining about?

I’m stressing about EVF (again). Stressing about freelance work (hey, at least there is work!). Stressing about two mounds of dirty clothes and not being able to find my favorite pair of jeans (I only have two jeans! Where could they be!?).

I’m sitting here feeling bad for myself and I have to realize that it’s all in the eye of the beholder. That these things stressing me out are way, way better than 99% of problems out there. Yes, #firstworldproblems are still problems. I get it. Quite often I’m arguing the other side of this coin. Today though I’m not.

Today I’m telling myself to buck up. Turn the dubstep up a little louder and crank out some more work because this stuff is in all honestly pretty fun.

Alright. Back to the grind.

– Josh