Another weekend is in the books. Tomorrow is the start of a new workweek. All my clients were invoiced tonight. I’ll do all my invoicing again in another two weeks.

While a lot of my work is the exact same I was doing while I was a full-time employee, there’s a shift in mindset when you bill for your work. Instead of just getting a direct deposit and some online pay stub you can look at but never do, you are creating your pay stub and saying, “pay me for my work!” It’s different because as an employee, at least I found, you don’t think like that. It’s more like, “here’s my reward for my penance.”

What you get to say each week or every other week or whenever you finish a project is, “I did my work. I completed my tasks. It’s time to earn what’s mine.” And it’s a gosh darn good feeling.

Yeah some months are better than others. Yeah there is no such thing as paid time off. Yeah I worked for a couple hours on my Sunday today. But to me, it’s so darn worth it.

– Josh