The Nats game is streaming on my phone. My wrists and elbows are sticking to my wooden desk. I just got done washing the dishes. The steam from the hot water has me sweating on this warm mid-April night. Before the dishes I took my second Vietnamese lesson on Mango of the day!

Tackling two lessons in a day, one during the day and one at night, is a major milestone IMO. If exposure once a day is important, than twice a day has to be twice as beneficial. Tonight’s lesson, among other words/phrases, were the words for Mr. (Ông) and Mrs. (Bà). To my surprise, I already knew these! The exposure to Vietnamese over past decade+ around my wife and her parents and her parents’ friends taught me these words.

Little things like this are why I think this whole exposure thing is so crucial to learning a language. I’m still a rookie language learner. Outside of a couple Tim Ferriss blog posts I don’t know much about “optimizing how to learn a language.” I’m just doing what makes sense to me and so far it’s working.

– Josh