Why am I learning Vietnamese? I think that’s an important question I need to keep coming back to in order to “keep my eye on the prize.”

First off, I’m learning Vietnamese because my wife and I will want our kid to learn it. And it’s no fun being the only one in the room not speaking the language. I know I’ll especially be bitter when my kid is speaking it and I’m not. So my first reason is to get a leg up on my kid who will in all likelihood be smarter than me.

Second is because I think it’s “cool.” Is that weird? Being fluent in another language that isn’t Spanish seems cool to me. Exotic might be a better word? Or, smart+cool+exotic all mixed together? Is there a word for that?

Third is for business opportunity. I was thinking about EVF last night. I was thinking about affiliate links and YouTube revenue and all those online business-y things. And realized that it will eventually all go away or transform into something else. That’ll probably happen sooner rather than later. Affiliate links and the like are much different (and from what I can tell perform much worse) than a couple of years ago. Why put all my eggs into that basket? Yes I will adapt with the times but I’ll have to adapt. Do you know what I won’t have to adapt? Language skills.

Language skills transcend time and market trends. It’s a classic skill that won’t ever lose value. In fact, as Vietnam’s economy continues to grow and become a major world player I believe it’s going to be a huge opportunity for those who speak both Vietnamese and English fluently.

I’m not thinking 10 months from now with this, I’m thinking 10 years from now. Hopefully this gamble will pay off. If it doesn’t, well, at least I’ll have a leg up on my kid and still be cool.

– Josh