The other night I was laying in bed thinking about how I could keep practicing Vietnamese when I 1) didn’t want to take a Mango less, 2) didn’t want to watch a YouTube video and 3) was feeling lazy (like laying in bed about to fall asleep). Then I remembered about this free app/service I used to use when I was attempting to learn Korean and Japanese called Quizlet.

I don’t really know what to call Quizlet as a whole. From what I can tell it’s a crowd-sourced learning app (or website). You can learn just about darn near anything. I’ve found it helpful learning vocabulary for foreign languages. I learned how to count and basic phrases for both Korean and Japanese through Quizlet. You learn by joining “study sets.” Each study set contains lists of whatever you want to learn. Think flashcards (which is one learning feature). For foreign languages it’ll say something like “giỏi” on the Vietnamese side and “well” on the English side.

However since it’s crowd-sourced there are a few issues. First, you don’t know if it’s correct. And it being a foreign language you are kinda banking on the fact that it’s correct because it’s really difficult to know. There isn’t a review system or anything either.

Second is that you have no idea what’s available. There are dozens of pages when you search “Vietnamese Common Words.” You just have to choose based on what you see. This is difficult when you have a ton of choices. I just pick one or two and move on.

The third issue is that nothing is standard. This piggybacks on my last point. Some will list English first and some will list Vietnamese first. Some will have audio files attached with each word. Some will have pictures and other won’t. And this is all in the same study set.

The pros though greatly outweigh the cons. It’s free. It takes a little bit of digging but you can find some study sets that are true gems. They are well put together and thorough. Anddd the learning features are solid. There are flashcards, learning exercises, games, matching games, quizzes and more.

So now when I’m laying in bed staring at a bright screen with all of the world’s knowledge in it, instead of sleeping or scrolling through Twitter I can go through my Quizlet study sets and work on my Vietnamese.

– Josh