Quick post today.

After an editing session with my client for the comedy show I grabbed lunch with my buddy Bryan who was in town from North Carolina. He made friends with the guys from Aslin Brewing in Herndon, one of the top breweries (if not THE top brewery) in the area. However being from NC he hasn’t been to the facility before. It just so happens Herndon is in my neck of the woods so he asked if I wanted to join him for a tour. Heck yes!

Kai, Andrew and the rest of the team showed us around their small industrial park brewery. I have been there twice before when their taproom was open. However now their taproom is closed and they just do cans and growlers a few days a week. Demand is so high that’s all they have to do and they commonly sell out on any given day.

We got to sample a few of their beers which, obviously, were outstanding. And I was able to take home a couple cans of what I believe is their most popular beer — A Small Town in Ontario — and their Special Drops: Bringo! beer. I had one of each tonight with my brother-in-law. They were canned two days ago. As you’d expect, fantastic.

I’m going to have to start dropping by on my way home in Fridays to grab more cans. This could become a problem.

– Josh