Oh hey there, Sunday evening. We meet yet again. This day has flown by.

My sister and her clan left before Ph and I woke up this morning. We went out to our favorite weekend breakfast spot. I got my breakfast burrito with home fries and downed a cup and a half of coffee. That coffee got me going and after grocery shopping I went to town cleaning my house.

The next several hours I wiped, scrubbed, and decluttered our main level. And tackled a couple baskets of laundry. It felt darn good. I also squeezed in a Vietnamese lesson on Mango. Today’s lesson was tough. I had taken the last two days off so that might have contributed to it. However this lesson added close to ten new words. Most lessons add about five words. Is this a taste of what’s to come?!

The past few weeks I’ve been staring at this week on my calendar. It’s the week that things are supposed to finally calm down. No house guests. No crazy work projects. Nothing like how the past month or so has been. I’m even planning on publishing a new EVF post!

Alright. I think that’s it for this post. With a about two more hours left in my weekend I want to go chill out with my book.

– Josh