I’ve reached a point in my Vietnamese studies that I’m ready to start openingly talking about it (more so than merely writing on this site that I’m unsure if anyone will ever read). I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to start connecting with other beginner Vietnamese learners.

Why do I want to connect with other learners? Three reasons. First, share resources. There has to be plenty of resources out there that I don’t know about. I learned about Mango in some weird, freak way. I’m positive there are other resources out there like this that I don’t know about. And I’m positive I can share my experience with another learner with Mango and help him or her out.

Second, I want someone or someones to be able to talk about my struggles with learning Vietnamese with. It’s tough to go through this alone, like in most things. I’d usually use Coach.me for something like this but the Vietnamese habit in it has next to no users.

And third, accountability. I want someone who is also learning to keep me accountable. In return I’d do the same. It’s like my mastermind partner with EVF. She keeps me accountable and is someone I can bounce ideas off of in a judgement-free way and I’d love to have someone learning Vietnamese that I can think of similarly.

How will I do this? That’s for another post.

– Josh