Dan Carlin on his Common Sense podcast has a saying he uses quite often. It goes something to the effect of the gangrenous finger will destroy the body if left untreated. Basically what he means is that if there’s a small but serious problem and one (or a country) continues to ignore it or let it run wild, it will eventually cause havoc and kill the host. The point I want to get at isn’t political. It’s rather quite trivial. My point is that I need new socks.

Yes, new socks.

I’m one of those kinds of people that’ll wear clothes until they are rags (or my wife makes me throw them away). I get good use out of my clothes. It’s something I take pride in. My “nice” work shoes I’ve had for over a decade. However I’ve let gangrene take over part of my wardrobe in the form of my socks and it’s causing problems.

Today me and a friend went for a walk. It was over 4 miles. Internally I’m fine. Feel great actually. No shin splints or anything. However my feet are destroyed!

When I went to Disney last month I blamed my new shoes. It had to be them, right? However I’m starting to think it wasn’t the shoes’ fault. I wore one of my better pairs of socks. A set of puma socks I’ve had for probably a year. They fit well and don’t slide. However I didn’t notice until today that they’re actually really thin in a lot of places along the bottom now. And the same with some other of my “good pairs”. Hmm. The gangrenous finger will destroy the body if left untreated.

With the remaining hour or so left in today I’ll be headed over to Amazon to purchase some new socks and take care of this issue. Didn’t think I’d be fighting gangrene today.

– Josh