Alright, let’s get this writing habit back in gear. I broke the consecutive day writing streak and took off the past 2-3 weeks. The streak was somewhere close to 500 days. But hey, who’s counting besides me? It’s time to get going again. Maybe create another streak or maybe just enjoy the heck out of writing again.

I don’t even remember where I left off and there’s a half dozen written posts I haven’t published. I’ll let those die in digital purgatory never to be seen by eyes again.

Two weekends ago my buddy and I took a road trip up to Toronto. The big stops were Buffalo, Guelph (where a friend lives), Toronto and Syracuse. I outlined a really long post with all the fine details in it already including axe throwing which is a thousand times cooler than it already sounds. If I ever get around to filling in that outline and publishing it is another question.

It felt good to travel. Darn good. That travel bug still has a hold of me. I’m 5+ months removed from my last big trip (Vietnam). I’m 2ish months removed from a small-medium sized trip (Spring Training & Disney). I was getting restless before this most recent trip. Being back is worse. The travel experience is fresh which only makes the bug bite stronger. I’ve spent half the day on Orbitz and Skyscanner searching for flights in October.

Sigh. Alright. Looks like I’m back. Whining about not being able to travel somewhere in my tiny corner of the Internet. I’ll take it though. Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow?

– Josh