A thought I’ve had for EVF has been to remove a bit of how much “me” there is. I feel such a direct connection to EVF as a person. It’s my baby; it reflects itself to others as me. Or at least I believe that. So when I don’t like my website design or feel 1,000% confident in a post or product (which I never do) I feel uneasy. I feel uneasy because it equals me.

What if I could not let it equal me nearly so much?

I want to be “the cover model” for EVF. Sure. In a sense it’s the story of my trials and my learnings as a freelance video editor. But I also want it to just be it’s own thing. When you think of Lynda.com do you think of Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin? No. Maybe Lynda looks like Lynda.com’s logo. IDK. I’ve never met Lynda and will never.

With EVF I do want a more personal touch. However it doesn’t need to be about me anymore.

Maybe I’m just being a sensitive creative artist. Probably. But I need to find a way to break through all this resistance I’m facing anytime I want to create anything for EVF.

Less me.

– Josh