“Instead of refreshing Twitter, Facebook and the like, how about let’s do something productive with the remaining 20 minutes left in the office for the day while this file export,” he questioned to himself while realizing the previous twenty minutes had been wasted in the black hole of the internet.

Over the weekend I tried to do take a break from social media. Friday night I decided that Saturday would be a day without any Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat. I even decided to limit email. I had work to do so I couldn’t completely cut it out. However I’m just as bad about refreshing email as I am with checking up on Twitter and the rest of the time wasters.

Saturday morning was rough. Anytime I got bored from the work I had to be doing or just in between tasks I caught myself automatically opening up Twitter. I would quickly catch myself and close out of the app. Before Noon I must have caught myself a dozen times — and that’s not an exaggeration.

While I wasn’t get the shakes or anything like that the withdrawal wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. At one point in the evening I found myself just a little bit bored which is a feeling I’m not used to. Instead of flipping open Twitter I did something that’s been bugging me for A YEAR. I changed the theme on this site and EVF. Then I went so far as to try to figure out how to put some ads up on EVF (something I’ve also been meaning to do for quite some time). The theme change not only un-boreded me (yeah, not a word I know) but it made me feel good. I felt accomplished. I felt proud. My websites had a fresh coat of paint on them.

I made it through Saturday so happy with my experiment that I decided Sunday would be a limited social media day. I wouldn’t not check it but I’d greatly limit my time spent. The result? Positive vibes.

I’m back on Twitter and the rest today. I didn’t miss out on anything. FOMO is for real but like most anxiety-producing things nothing bad ever happens. As for next weekend maybe I’ll try this experiment again…