Let’s start writing and see where this takes me.

The reason I forced “the writing streak” for so long (over 600 consecutive days) was because I was so fearful that when I finally broke it that it would be darn near impossible to pick the habit back up again. After nearly 4 weeks it appears I was correct.

I’m not beating myself up though. I’ve needed a break. And it’s been nice. No late night grunting and turning over to grab my phone and writing some half $%#ed thing. I’ve noticed though that at the same time I’ve stopped reading most blog posts too. My heart just isn’t in it. I might scan through some posts on Medium or look at the pictures on some of the travel bloggers’ sites I follow but it’s difficult to concentrate on a blog — mine or someone else’s!

The past couple weeks I’ve been “planning” a lot for EVF. Planning. Writing schedules and outlines. It’s all wishful thinking though. It doesn’t happen unless you act. Unless you produce. Unless you create.

That’s where I need to turn to now. It doesn’t matter if I feel like I wasted time. No sense on dwelling on the past. Begin now and just bleeping create. Ship. Repeat. Which at the beginning was the point of this site anyway. Maybe I was onto something…

– Josh