In the office today. It looks like tomorrow will be the only traditional work day from home for the next couple of weeks.

When I jumped into the #freelancelife I genuinely believed I’d have so much more time for blogging and creating #content for Edit Video Faster. The excitement was palpable. I could finally focus a real chunk of time to this side project because there was no way I’d have a steady line of freelance editing jobs.


Fast forward 13 months and I don’t remember a week where I just had my contract position (3 days a week) and nothing else. This happened maybe twice very early on. Since then though I’ve had “stuff” or paying gigs every single one of those days I originally believed I would have to work on EVF. And to further limit my time I no longer took a bus to work nixing some roughly 7 hours a week I was trapped on a bus with my laptop and no internet.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound like whining. Instead of being upset that I haven’t been able to focus on EVF I’m quite pleased. That means my freelance business is doing well — something I wasn’t 110% confident would happen. Because of this I’ve had to change my thinking around EVF. It won’t be a major time investment because I can make so much more editing videos for people.

Instead of being able to create courses that may or may not sell or coaching or ebooks I’m taking a different approach and going all in. Fizzle calls this the “mediapreneur”. It’s someone with a [side] business based on ads and affiliates. Yeah, I know. This isn’t sexy. This is and feels very old school make money online-y. But you know what? It’s working.

First, there’s no pressure to sell something. Eventually I’d like to have a thing or two (course, ebook, etc.) to put up for sale. But I’m not stressing about creating or rather my lack of creating them. It’s freeing.

Second, my only job is to create and get eyes to my stuff. Eyes = Google Adsense + affiliates. It’s been two weeks since I put ads on EVF. I made $0.01 the first week. The second week, $0.03. Improvement.

I watched this improvement with my YouTube channel. It was a penny. Then two. Then four. Then 10. Then 16. Then 25. Eventually it got up to an expensive 6-pack a month. It hovers around there today except I haven’t created a new video in like a year! It would still be growing if I was creating new content. I feel the same will happen with these ads. Slow and steady.

I was chatting with my mastermind partner last night about this topic. And while all excited about the $0.04 I’ve made over the past two weeks I completely forgot about the ~$25 I made off of various affiliates, most noticeably Soundstripe (that’s an affiliate link BTW šŸ˜‰).

It’s true that an hour of editing will more than double that income but it’s fun that it happens without me being there. Fun is the important word. My side hustle isn’t stressing me the eff out anymore. It’s just there when I want it to be. The more I put in the more I’ll get out. But there’s no more pressure and that feeling is so freeing.

Alright. That’s enough out of me.

– Josh