Time check: 11:44PM. I’m (sorta) on vacation. There’s a few hours of freelance projects to get done before heading to the beach in a few days but otherwise it’s errands, packing and resisting doing any sort of other “work” (like writing this).

House Hunters International is playing in a separate Chrome tab. They’re looking for a place in Costa Rica — one of the countries on the short list of places my wife and I may try to go later this year. Currently Costa Rica is at the bottom of that short list but who knows. Pura Vida, right?

Tonight I did my weekly review in OmniFocus. It was with 70% effort as I skipped over some long deferred items and on hold projects. One of the projects I created and set to work on while at the beach later this week was to decide what the heck I want to do with this site.

I’ve been struggling to write ever since stopping “the streak”. Life seemed to get in the way as I no longer made it a priority. There should be a focus though and I’m toying with the idea of changing the name, which is still a secret ATM.

I’d like to use this place to discuss my progress, successes and failures around a topic I’m working towards. Currently those are:

  • Learning Vietnamese
  • Traveling more
  • Build my freelance business
  • Build a side passive-income business

Listen, there are a zillion sites about building businesses. And I did write about building my freelance business on EVF. So those are out. I’m left with the other two.

I don’t have an answer yet. Do I combine them? I could. How would I do that? Not sure. Whatever I do that I want it to have some purpose behind it. I love these random ramblings, and will probably still do them, but I feel the need to be working towards an end goal that’s palpable. Pura Vida, right?

Okay. That’s it from me. Cutting myself off. Not quite sure there are a point to this other than getting back into the swing of things.

– Josh