So my wife is off doing bridesmaid things the day of the wedding and I’m left to fend for myself. Cool, I can handle this. I hop on a shuttle over to the main building to grab breakfast. It’s buffet so I figure okay, I’m in a smaller city in Virginia so it’ll be like $14.95 max. Yeah? Of course.

Food was good. I talked to the omelette lady who was Vietnamese about what she was cooking for herself on the side burner. Service was solid; even suggested a coffee to-go for me. I got the bill and it was $21 after tax and before tip! For breakfast! At lunch yesterday at a different spot in the same resort I spent that and I got two beers too!

I guess I’m too used to my local spot where I get my massive breakfast burrito and coffee for $7. It used to be free when I knew the manager but that was a loooong time ago.

The point? I’m not sure. I’m sipping my to-go coffee and writing this and that’s the first thing on my mind.

What’s the most unexpected price you’ve paid for a meal? Cheap or expensive. Doesn’t matter! Was it worth it?

– Josh