Business is an ongoing game of poker. Everything you do is a gamble. And you have so many poker chips in your professional career to gamble with.

You bet that going to college will give you a leg up. You bet on your major will be something you end up wanting to actually do after school. You bet on a company to work at (or take the first one that offers you something). You invest some poker chips on a certain software and building relationships with specific people. You bet on a new job at a new company. You bet on making a dynamic shift in your career. And so on.

Each step in this process is using up poker chips. If your bets work out then you’ve set yourself better for the future. If your bets don’t work out then you’re struggling to find work and get desperate. No one wants to look for work when they’re desperate. That’s when you make mistakes and gamble poorly. That’s when you go all in after being dealt a bad hand and hope the flop turns over a pair for you.

Today, what are you betting your chips on?

– Josh