Some days it feels as though nothing you do is making a difference. All this work you’ve put into your goal(s) isn’t going anywhere. You feel frustrated and dejected and want to quit.

Then there are days like today when you didn’t do anything and you progressed it seems like 10-fold! Today and days like today make it possible to weather those other days. Days like today are few and far between but seem to happen at just the right time.

I’ve documented some recent frustrations about EVF here the past few months. Wins have been hard to get recently. Today, when I’m running around prepping for an out of town wedding and not working on my “thing”, my “thing” decides to set some traffic records (more than doubling any other day) and land me a handful of new subscribers and even make me a $5 sale of a product!

Days like today don’t come around often. I’m going to savor it. I’m going to cherish it and hopefully remember it for all those other days.

– Josh