Oh man! This morning driving in to work I had the greatest idea on what to write about today. Unfortunately once I got in, ate some breakfast, started working, got some Starbucks and did 100 other things that idea has long slipped away into nothingness.

Sorry about that. I know it was great topic but we’ll just have to deal with whatever I come up with now, half awake and running on fumes from a wedding weekend out of town.

Last Friday while I was out of town EVF more than doubled its site traffic record for the day. Traffic doesn’t mean a lot but more traffic is always better than less traffic. And setting traffic records? That’ll always be cool to me. Someone shared the first post in a new series I’m working on on a popular Facebook group that happens to be pretty much my target audience.

This new series I’m working on is a multi-lesson series focused on a segment of a software I and many use to edit videos. When it’s over I’m planning on releasing a paid exam on the material and (eventually) package up the lessons into a pretty ebook and/or other digital resource. Something I’ve struggled with and I’ve well-documented here is creating bleeping products. Well, if I’m writing posts anyway and the posts are the meat of the product, I don’t see why I won’t be able to get this one done. Maybe that’s the secret. I guess we’ll see.

What are you working on right now?

– Josh