Today was a tale of two days. My alma mater, James Madison University, was the featured school and location of ESPN GameDay. JMU absolutely rocked for those three hours. Couldn’t have been any prouder of my school.

But then the game happened. And JMU blew it and lost their Homecoming game 59-49 to University of Richmond of all teams which is my wife’s alma mater.

I believe the Sports Gods hate me this year. From the Nats to the Dolphins to the entire MLB playoffs to now JMU. The season is far from over as JMU should surely make the playoffs but the loss still hurts.

Losing to my wife’s alma mater after a three-hour show that ridiculed UR the entire time makes it so much worse than losing to let’s say Delaware. Now I have to deal with gloating and she has every right to. I would be the same way. It sucks down here. Yep…

Chin up though. Being an avid sports fan you always have to look for the next game or the next season.

JMU, good job today. Coulda done better tonight.

– Josh