Last night (for me) was Game 1 of the World Series. Knowing that I was working from home the next day I figured I would stay up and watch the game after finishing up recording my podcast. Well if you fast forward 14 innings, falling asleep on the couch and getting about five hours of sleep I’m sitting here exhausted but completely satisfied with my poor life decision.

I don’t know how many postseason and regular season MLB games that I’ve gone to bed before they were over and they ended up having amazing comebacks or crazy once in a lifetime things happen in them. Last night didn’t disappoint. However I’m sitting here this morning resisting doing much of anything that doesn’t involve Twitter, television or food.

I figured there’s no better way to get myself going than to knock out the #1 thing off my to-do list which is to write this post. Boom! Almost done. I had a great day yesterday in terms of “getting meaningful stuff done” and want to follow it up with another one. It’s pretty difficult when all you want to do is turn on House of Cards and eat a sandwich. Not gonna lie. Sitting here and coming across this video helped me get going today. Regardless, I’m here. I’m moving. I’m getting stuff done. What about you?

– Josh