I’m staring at this blank Google Doc again not knowing where to go with it. I will say since I’ve written that sentence probably ten times before in these posts and I’ve learned it’s “staring” and not “starring”. I’ve had to look it up each time just to double check myself. Even now I have the urge to swipe to my Mac Dashboard and type it in the dictionary but I’m not. I’m just going to go with it. If it is actually “starring” well then oh well. Forgive me?

Over on SOB 1.0 I wrote a semi-confusing and half complete thought on a topic a couple weeks ago. Someone took it the wrong way and sent me an angry comment. I was on the road and didn’t get around to responding before that person could write a post of their own bashing my couple of sentences.

Sigh. I didn’t realize not understanding how I write would cost someone else so much angst. With this site and SOB 1.0 I free write 99.9% of the time. That means I just start writing and whatever comes out comes out and I don’t stop typing until it’s over. Rarely do I ever hit the backspace key. When I go back and proof quickly before posting I don’t really do much besides make sure it remotely makes sense and I didn’t have any dumb typos like starring instead of staring.

To me, my thought made sense. I mentioned beers of this one style without mentioning beers from another style that is similar and some of those beers have or try to market themselves as that other style. Yes, Miller Lite still says something to the effect of “they have deep Pilsner roots” even though they are not a Pilsner. So what I did was just mention the beers from the one style and lumped it with the other style in one paragraph. Then moved on to talking about the other style. And this caused someone to get all fired up about respecting styles and yada yada yada.

When did we get so angry about beer? I thought beer was this magical thing/industry where we all got along and we had a common bond sharing this wonderful substance? That’s what brought me to beer. Not only because it tasted great but because the people were cool and likable. I don’t see that anymore.

Me standing here on my soapbox shouting at everyone to get along doesn’t do anything. IMO we’ve already passed that tipping point and it’ll never go back to the way it was. So simple. Now many people are trying to claw and scratch their way to the top. But once you reach that top are you going to like what you created? I don’t know. Ponder that a minute, will you?

One of the first beer blogs I started following years ago was Lost in the Beer Aisle. He has a motto that I love and try my hardest to follow: “Never take beer or life too seriously!”

“Never take beer or life too seriously!” – Joshua Dion

That’s all I have to say on this.

– Josh