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Private Ramblings – Ep. 96: Full Plates

Tonight is one of those nights you don’t feel like writing. I write most of these posts first thing in the morning or during lunch. But today has been nonstop since waking up and I’m just getting home after a tiring day and I’m here at my desk knowing I have to produce something of value today.

I’m headed off to Asia in a few weeks and couldn’t be more excited. Before then though I have a handful of projects (a new course for Tuts+, a wedding video for my friends, a promo video for my dad’s non-profit and a big series of lessons for EVF) I’m trying to get off my plate. I see the days slowly counting down and all I can think about is how eager I am to go. But before I go off to literally the other side of the world I gotta get my S together so I don’t come back to a cluster.

My head is aswirl with 25 other ideas for projects I want to start too. I know it’s driving me nuts but I have to tell myself no. I just jot ‘em down or schedule them for sometime next month and try to sit down and focus on what’s currently on my plate. It’s a struggle, man.

Anyway, I’m beat. Apologies for being so brief today but I gotta jump on Skype to record with Nick.

Before you go, leave me a comment about what you’re working on right now. Please?

– Josh