I was so close to ending this streak. Heck, I’ve already fallen asleep for the night. Being sick and having a jam-packed day will do that too you. But the dog got me up one last time after passing out on the couch at 7:00pm. So before I fall asleep for good I’m trying to crank this out.

My wife and I did something that frankly we should have done decades ago since we live so close. We finally did a White House tour. And it was BA!

All you have to do is email your district representative and they’ll set up a tour. It’s a lengthy process — mine started in March and this was the date we got. But it’s free and the Secret Service provides unique and thorough insight on anything you ask them.

I can go into more detail but I’m falling asleep. If you have questions leave a comment!

White House Tour 1

White House Tour 2

– Josh