Yesterday I introduced this series on Getting Better Sleep. I talked about my #1 tip which was to track your sleep. My #2 tip is ridiculously simple yet so, so difficult.

Okay, are you ready for this?

Start going to bed earlier.

Simple, right?! Well no. Not so much.

This tip is simple because you can’t sleep unless you’re in bed. In this series, among other things, I want you to find all the triggers that keep you awake and eliminate them. Not being in bed is the biggest one in my opinion.

Going to bed early doesn’t come without it sacrifices. I started literally getting into bed by 10:00PM. This is why Sunday’s post was so short — it was 10:00PM and I needed to go to sleep. No excuses!

Last night I sacrificed watching the season premiere of a show I love because it didn’t even start until 10:00PM. You don’t have to do 10:00PM. I do 10:00PM because I wake up around 5:15AM most mornings.

Once you get to bed the battle is only half over. The other half of the battle (besides the dog hogging your side of the bed) is to put down your phone. Staring into your phone or iPad late at night keeps you awake. The light emitted from those devices tells your brain it’s still daytime outside (thus making it harder to fall asleep).

I’m not always successful but I try my hardest to be in bed by 10:00PM and my phone is charging on the other side of my nightstand also by 10:00PM.

Today’s tip may have been the simplest one. Tomorrow’s by far and away is the most difficult.

– Josh