Day Nine

Okay. It’s late. I’ve had a bit to drink. So here we go.

Had first breakfast at new hotel in Nha Trang. It was good but def not like the Ana Mandara in Da Lat.

Headed to the beach at 9:00am. It rained, then was cloudy then rained then the sun came out for less than a minute then it rained again. By 11:30 the rain was pretty hard so we gave up.

We changed and grabbed a taxi to go to Nha Trang Central. Here we ate lunch and picked up a few Christmas presents. Then jumped in another cab and < $2 later we were on the other side of the city at Lotte Mart where we grabbed a few beers and soju to bring back to the hotel.

We drank with Ph’s parents then headed up to our hotel’s rooftop bar. With our room we apparently get free drinks and food from 6-8pm. We each got two drinks and I was able to tally four more egg rolls to the count. We’re up to 36.

That’s all I got. Time to pass out.