Day 10 – Rain, Rain, Go Away

We woke up around 5:45am. That’s been a pretty typical time on this trip. We saw the forecast was calling for rain. It looked nice out though so we threw on our bathing suits and walked the two blocks to Nha Trang Beach.

Not 10 minutes after we get settled in our loungers does it begin to rain. Rats.

We headed back to to the hotel. Grabbed breakfast. Saw it was sunny out again. Ran back to the beach. And like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown we were duped yet again. 10 minutes later it was pouring.

Back to the hotel.

We chilled for a bit. Game planned and packed some since we’re leaving Nha Trang tomorrow. The sun started to shine through again. So we headed back to the beach! Only to find our reserved section of the beach empty without chairs, towels, etc. We decided to walk for a bit.

After an hour or so we were back. No chairs or worker. We called and they said they’re closed!!! We weren’t pleased. Every other hotel had their loungers out. We ended up paying ~$4.50 to a neighboring hotel. It was worth it for the hour on the beach watching Russian tourists try to swim when there were no swimming signs posted everywhere. Cue the rain yet again.

Over lunch I added 3 more egg rolls to the tally. We’re up to 39 now.

For dinner we wanted seafood. The hotel recommended a spot a few miles away. We jumped in a taxi only to find the place closed. The drive said he knew of another good place close by. He was right.

We walked up to this place with green table clothes and light blue plastic chairs. At the front of the restaurant were buckets of seafood — shrimp, lobster, clams, and dozens of sea animals I’ve never seen before.

We feasted. Ate the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen. Got the seafood sweats. I’ll post pictures at some point. Total was $110 USD which is a lot for Vietnam but for the food and for four people it was totally worth it.

Last stop was our hotel’s rooftop bar one last time. Got our complimentary drinks and apps. Added one more egg roll — count’s at 40. Alright cutting this writing off. Hoping on a plane to Phu Quoc in the morning.