Day 13

Phu Quoc is like nothing else I’ve experienced before. Calm, ocean breeze, soft sand. After today we have two more full days then the journey home. I’m not ready for it to end.

Usually at this point in a trip I’m beginning to get homesick. Not this time though. If we were in any of the other locations we went on this trip no doubt I would be. But I’m here. On a bench or hammock or front porch chair or sun lounger watching the waves softly splash in with Cambodia in the distance.

I feel the urge to want to “work”. I don’t want to jump on a keyboard and edit or open up Camtasia and create a video tutorial. I just want to write. Or read. Or both. Or neither.

I remember writing almost a year ago to the day after visiting an onsen in Hakone, Japan that I wanted so much more of that feeling I had at that moment. This moment is pretty darn near close to that one. I’m chalking this day and Phu Quoc as a W in the scorebook.

That’s all I have for now.