Day Fourteen

This is the second to last full day on vacation. I’m lying on a hammock. Ph is on another one. Sun is sprinkling down between the coconut tree leaves swaying in the wind.

I’ve seen very little of Phu Quoc outside of the resort. The other night we met family for dinner and we drove for about an hour through the island. It feels like many of drives we made on this trip. Homes and businesses pepper each side of the road. Pass by a wedding or a water buffalo or a man working on his motorcycle.

I can talk about our resort — The Peppercorn Beach Resort. We have the ocean view room (1 of 12). It’s worth every penny of the $184 a night. The only negative about the room is that it’s attached on one side to another room. And it’s pretty easy to hear what’s going on in the other room…

There’s a new restaurant and pool. Both are sparkling clean. The beach does get some debris but the staff cleans it regularly. You’re going to get this anywhere on Phu Quoc. They have four hammocks. In front of the ocean view rooms are chairs on each patio then these cool cloth chairs closer to the beach. In front of the pool are sun loungers that go right up to the beach.

The water is warm. We’ve only gone 20-30 feet out into the water and it’s only up to your hips. The waves are very small but very frequent. The water has been choppy each morning, today by far the most. But each evening it’s settled down.

The sand is unlike any sand I’ve seen. It brushes right off. It doesn’t stick to you. If there is any on you in front of each room is a water bucket for you to wash off your feet.

The restaurant makes a fabulous but limited menu. Each day they have a new breakfast and lunch/dinner special. Every meal has been well-portioned and tasty.

Every afternoon from 4-5 you can get a free cocktail. The cocktail menu is lacking (maybe 10 options?). They are above-average though. The beer costs are just a touch more than in Saigon for example. It’s 25,000 VND vs. 15,000-20,000 VND for a Saigon Special (~$1 vs. $0.75).

The staff has been excellent. The Vietnamese Massage was on “special” for $25. It was the best one I’ve gotten in Vietnam. The staff speaks fairly well English.

Most of the visitors seem to be European or American (even though we haven’t talked to anyone else this is just a hunch).

Each day they offer a shuttle to and from the main city.

That’s about all I can think off as this hammock slowly swings. If you’re thinking about the Peppercorn Resort and have questions I’d be happy to answer any!

Editor’s Note: I hope to make a short video giving a tour of the property in the coming weeks (probably months if I’m being realistic). I’ll link to it on this page if I remember 🙂