Day Sixteen

I’ve done flight one of three — the shortest flight from Phu Quoc to Saigon. Now I’m at my gate in Saigon waiting for the next flight, about 6 hours long, to Tokyo.

The plan is to grab some ramen during our 3ish hour layover then board our 12.5ish hour flight home to Virginia. Man, the next 24 hours are going to be rough.

The next flight I’m going to try to stay up even though I’m beat and it boards at 11:15pm. Hopefully I’ll sleep most of the Tokyo to home flight since we land at 9:45am. Then I can attempt to have a normal day and stop the jet lag in its tracks.

Fat chance though. More than likely we’ll be exhausted when we get home. Pass out for 5 hours. Then not be able to sleep all night. We’ll see.

Alright. Gotta keep my phone battery up. That’s all I have for today.