Day Two: Thanksgiving in Saigon

One word: exhausted.

We got up around 5:00am. It’s the jet lag’s fault but we wanted to be up by 7:00 so no real harm. We ate at the hotels complimentary breakfast again. Similar food to the day before. There were no egg rolls though. My egg roll count still remained at 7.

My wife’s cousin’s driver came and got us. He drove us to My Tho – a bustling little city about an hour outside of Saigon. My wife’s parents used to live there. We saw some of the places they used to hang out and walked through their old house which is now a toy and nicknack store.

My wife, Vy (wife’s cousin’s daughter), Vy’s sister Nghi (pronounced ‘knee’) and I got lunch at a place I’d expect to see Anthony Bourdain at. We all got shakey beef with some kind of orange rice. It was decent. Definitely authentic. The bathroom was a bit of an adventure. Basically you can only pee in this small spider-filled, 3/4 walled room in the kitchen of the restaurant. #yolo

After lunch our gang of four did a Mekong River tour. TL;DR rode a couple boats including a canoe. Saw some local small businesses. Drank honey tea. My wife held about 500 bees. Saw crocodiles. The girls sat in these inflatable balls on the river and kept falling down. Ate some coconut candy and fruit. Then returned back to the My Tho after around 3 hours. The cost for all of us was about $60.

My wife and I ventured out to the night market at Ben Thanh. She haggled with every vendor and were able to buy a handful of inexpensive Christmas presents. We got back around 11:00 and realized nothing was open for food. We eventually found a place on a discouraged walk back to the hotel. For <$12 (270,000 VND) we each got a dinner meal, split egg rolls (I had 2 so the count is up to 9), she got a smoothie and me a beer. It was a Tiger Lager. Tasted like Natty but it was refreshing after a long afternoon out in the sun.

Alright. I’m ready to pass out. Day Two done!