Day Three

Day three began at the hotel buffet. We stayed out late the night before (1ish) so we had a late jump compared to the other days. After breakfast, no egg rolls, we went up to the hotel spa. We booked appointments yesterday for 9:30am.

We were both in the same room and the massage was really good. Especially since it was $26 a person and 90 minutes.

Then we ventured out to see the biggest Catholic Church in Vietnam and the “Post Office” which is another famous building directly across the street from the cathedral. These were cool and I’m glad we went. However for as high as they rank on things like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet I think you can skip them if you’re short on time.

Near this area is “book street”. Literally 10ish bookstores in a cute, clean alley. This place I recommend if you know Vietnamese or just want to see what Vietnamese books look like. We picked up a handful of children’s books for whenever we have a kid.

From book street we jumped in a taxi and $1 later were at the restaurant my wife’s parents and Vy were at. I tallied 3 more egg rolls which were the best so far. Also ate Ben Xeo which is a great food for people new to Vietnamese cuisine.

Then we headed back to Ben Thanh market. My wife haggled for some kitchen supplies. Grabbed a pineapple and carrot juice on the walk back. Now I’m here. Tired. Resting up before we head out to see more family for dinner.