Day Five

Last day in Saigon. Started as usual at the hotel buffet breakfast. Added 3 more egg rolls to the count bringing it up to 22 total.

We were checked out and on the road with Ph’s cousin’s driver by 6:30am.

It’s about 185mi (300km) from Saigon to Da Lat. You would think that this journey would take 3-4 hours. You’d be wrong. It takes close to 7 hours. Most of the drive you are topped out at 35-40mph. Between dodging motorcycles and water buffalo on the side of the road you also have to pass slow cars/trucks/buses or be passed by them on a busy two-lane road.

There’s only a couple miles of windy mountain roads which was a huge surprise to me. The rest of the trip is peppered with businesses, homes and bustling small towns. It wasn’t quite Saigon busy but the idea is the same. There’s something always moving.

Btw once you pass the halfway point there aren’t a ton of places to stop and fill up or use the restroom even with all those homes and businesses.

We arrived in Da Lat around 1:00pm. Grabbed some lunch downtown because our room wasn’t ready yet. We got back and finally got to see our “villa”. It’s baller for lack of a better term. Build in the 1920s. French influence. Wood everywhere. Claw foot tub. All of it.

Ph and I ventured back downtown to book a motorcycle tour for tomorrow and explore downtown a bit. We ending up stopping at a coffee shop call Windmills (or something like that). Their cappuccino creamy (a cappuccino with whipped cream) was to die for. Sweet on top. Bitter on bottom. A perfect combo.

We walked some more and eventually grabbed a banh mi (traditional Vietnamese sandwich) for back at the hotel. It’s the first one we’ve had over here. And for $0.88 it’s better than any banh mi I’ve had in the States.

That’s where I’m at with today. Think we’re just hanging around the hotel and relaxing the rest of the night. Big motorcycle tour tomorrow…