Day Seven

I’m sitting poolside waiting for drinks to be delivered. Sooo that means I might breeze through recalling today’s adventures.

Day Two in Da Lat

After breakfast Ph and I jumped in a taxi and headed to the manmade lake in town. It’s around the same size as Lake Anne if you’re familiar with Reston, VA at all.

We grabbed a sugarcane juice and rented a swam paddle boat. I ended up getting somewhat sunburnt from the motorcycle tour yesterday so I was constantly applying sunscreen while in the boat at 9:30am. I was kinda a mess.

The boat was fun. It only cost a few dollars. There are also horse drawn carriage rides at the lake too. Those ran ~$12-13. We decided against it thinking we’d come back later that evening with Ph’s parents. Spoiler: we didn’t.

From the lake we walked the quarter mile or so up to Da Lat Market. It was a lot larger than I was expecting. We walked through food vendors, clothing stores, shoe shops and more. We grabbed a couple Christmas presents for family and picked up some coffee for ourselves to take home. Da Lat is known for their coffee (see yesterday’s post on the Weasel Coffee).

We decided to grab a snack so we walked into nearby Leo’s Cafe (or something like that). Ph ordered a lime soda and a strawberry soft serve yogurt. What ended up coming to the table was a deconstructed lime soda — ice, can of soda water, sugar packets, one cut lime and one cut kumquat — and a strawberry smoothie. Whoops. The smoothie was actually quite good. The lime soda was just okay. We also ordered egg rolls. I notched four more to the count bringing it up to 26. Don’t think I’m gonna get to 100 but I’m going to keep trying! I ordered a carrot juice which was exactly as I expected. It was spot on too. Total bill: ~$11.

After Leo’s we walked a bit more of Da Lat. We stumbled upon a dessert and sandwich shop. Ph grabbed some baked goods and I ordered sandwiches for us in Vietnamese!! I was so proud of myself. The two banh mi’s were $0.66 each. #cantbeatthat

My grilled chicken banh mi was better than yesterday’s but it was a bit skimpy on the chicken. But for The price you absolutely can’t complain.

This afternoon we went to our hotel’s spa. Yes this was our third massage in less than a week. When massages at home are $100+, getting three for less than that makes you want to get all of them. So yes we jumped on the opportunity to get another baller $30 massage. I got an 80-minute tradition Swedish massage and Ph got an 80-minute Vietnamese massage which includes cupping.

Alright. Drinks are here and I gotta relax.

Post Script: Had two more egg rolls at dinner! The count is up to 28.